V2 Cigs Reviews
V2 Cigs Reviews

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V2 Cigs Reviews

V2 cigs is one of the best electronic cigarette brands in the world, emit the thickest vapor, giving the true feel and taste of conventional cigarette. It has highest e-cigarette rating, so chosen as the most top-rated cig and earned plenty of positive reviews and praise from satisfied smokers. However, to ensure its worthiness, you need to go through competent V2 cigs reviews. It comes up with varieties of starter kits to suit the needs of people, who used to be a chain smoker. In cig package kit, you can find out two powerful batteries, 10 e-liquid cartridges, 1 USB charger and 1 standard A/C wall adapter. It is claimed to emit the thickest vapor, so smoker can even blow thick smoke ring, offering the pleasure of real smoking.

V2 cigs reviews make you familiar with all the exclusive and positive aspects with V2 cigs that surely inspire you to use this cigarette forever. The ultimate kit having three batteries include one shorter, a 110mm, and one 140mm that are longer in size and charging stays for longer time compare to other manual battery. Power cig is equipped with kit, allowing you to hook directly into the USB port, so you can smoke at your desk without worrying about charging getting finished. The kit comes up with fascinating stylish metal carry case, wherein you can keep car charger and V2 power cig.  You can connect power cig to your computed using USB, allows emitting of steadier vapor for longer time.

The cig is available with a beautiful portable charger case, so you can also keep it in your pocket and charge the cartridge whenever you need it. You can have wide array of battery choices ranges from chrome battery to completely blue or black battery. Filters come up with varieties of colors such as cork for tobacco flavor, green for menthol, blue for peppermint and others. V2 cigs reviews enable you to have competent guideline and information about V2 e-cigs that are just amazing. Nicotine strengths vary such as 18 mg of nicotine that is full flavor, light, ultra-light and zero-nicotine. You can enjoy plenty of flavors along with tobacco such as coffee, menthol, peppermint, cherry, vanilla, chocolate and cola.

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V2 Cigs Features                                                                   Customer Benefits

Quality construction Built to last. Stands up better, longer than the competition.  We care and want you to succeed
Vapor production Feels, looks and satisfies like real smoke, without unwanted effects.
Aluminum housing Lightweight, better than plastic housing of other brands, better quality=better value for you
Great taste Flavor matters! We choose and test our flavors so you know you are getting the quality you deserve and flavor you enjoy.  See for yourself why customers love the taste of V2 over the competition.
Disposable cartridge Busy? When you want convenience, disposable cartridges are the way to go. They are safer and faster than 3-piece “drip” e-cigs. Just screw on and go.
Small size Fits in your pocket, fits in your purse. Close to a trad cig in size. It’s easy to get used to.
Rechargeable Throw away lighters, ashtrays and butts. These are rechargeable and made to last. Better for the environment.
2 LED Choices Choose your LED. Want to look like a ciggy? Red is best. Want to look like anything but a ciggy? Choose blue. We give you choices.
3 color choices Choose traditional white, low-profile black or stylish stainless steel. V2 Cigs fits your needs
9 flavor choices With 3 popular tobacco flavors, plus 6 additional flavors, we have something for everyone.
Manual and Automatic styles One of the few e-cig companies to offer manual vs auto. Give yourself the options to succeed.
Customer service Voted #1 in customer service, V2 Cigs is here for you.
Ingredients listed on site V2 has nothing to hide. Trusted. Tested
Quality Tested So you know you are getting the best. So you will succeed. Don’t worry about shoddy products that don’t work.
Saves money Less expensive than trad cigs. Only $2 a pack. What is there to lose? Make yourself proud, make your family happy. Find success with V2 Cigs
Smoke free Unpleasant odors are gone. No more smelly clothes, breath or fingers from cigs. Socially acceptable because you won’t offend others. Clean water vapor. Smart.
Smoke4 Free Program With our exclusive s4f program, you can save money just for referrals. Easy! Get carts your cartridges for free.
Built-in atomizer Convenient, no sticky mess. Safer.
Portable charging case Charge on the go! No worries about batteries running out.
Power-Cig& Notebook Cig Never worry about losing battery charge. Vape at work, vape at home. Powerful vapor production satisfies even the heaviest smoker.
Nicotine pad enclosed Safer, less mess.
Large accessory selection Choices! We carry anything you may need to succeed.
Cartridge volume discounts Save even more money. Better than the competition.
Compatibility Versatility, you won’t be tied to one brand, use with other flavors.
Return policy/warranty No risk.

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