South Beach Smoke Reviews
South Beach Smoke Reviews

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South Beach Smoke is one of the biggest names in electronic cigarette industry and offers exceptionally high quality electronic cigars and electronic pipes just to ensure the health of smokers. The most unique feature of this smokeless cigarette is its sensational rich flavor, longer lasting batteries, cartridges and opportunity to smoke anywhere you want. It emits thick vapor that gives you a deeply satisfying feel of real smoking without causing any side-effect to active and passive users. Smoke pro kit comes up with high-grate batteries, usually one short and one long that screw into the cartridge. Its flavor is just outstanding and come up with plenty of flavors such as tobacco, menthol, coffee, chocolate, clove, Irish cream, watermelon and peach.

The vapor of e-cigs is non-carcinogenic, so you can freely have the pleasure of smoking in public places such as in airplane, hospitals, hotel, restaurant, park, shopping mall and others. A small LED light is fixed onto the tip of cigs, glows orange and stimulates feel of real conventional cigarette. The best feature is that it does not burn tobacco and while inhaling activates flow censor, containing water vapor, propylene glycol and scent smell like tobacco. It enables you to have the pleasure of real smoking as well as avoiding all adverse effects of carcinogens such as glue, tar, addictive and hydrocarbon.

If you are looking for healthy and cost-effective electronic cigarette, South Beach Smoke cigarette would be worth checking out. The kit comes up with lithium batteries, cartomizer, USB charger, wall adopter with a nice looking box. Cigarettes have four strengths levels such as full flavor, light, ultra-light and no nicotine. So, according to your choice and health, you can have different level of nicotine right from full flavor to zero nicotine. It is toxicologically tested and contains no ingredients that considered as carcinogen.  A single cartomizer is approximately equal to three packs of cigarettes, thus it is cutting down the cost of smoking. It does not emit any discernible odor and just look identical like conventional cigarettes.

It comes up with refillable cartridge that is healthier, cheaper and safer to environment, hence increasing awareness in public to replace harmful cigarette with South Beach Smoke cigs.

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