Premium Electronic Cigarette Reviews
Premium Electronic Cigarette Reviews

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E Cig Reviews

Smoking is a very common and awful habit of many people in society. This habit does not affect their health only but also of people around them. Many states have banned smoking publicly. In fact, no one likes smelly breath or clothes after smoking. People are aware about the ill effects of smoking but still cannot leave such habit because they are addicted to it.

No doubt, that to quit such habit you need very strong determination and lots of efforts. There are many who try doing it each day but could not succeed as they are habitual to cigarettes. At this point of time we have a revolutionary alternate for you. Don’t worry neither it’s a treatment nor any counseling but we are offering you electronic cigarettes in replacement of your regular cigarettes.

It is not any electronic gadget. In fact it looks feels and tastes like your regular cigarette. The major difference between these E cigarettes and your regular cigarette is that these are not at all harmful for your health. These electronic cigarettes do not contain ingredients like tobacco, tar or known carcinogens.

These electronic cigarettes are beneficial in many ways for the customers. Not only it’s the healthy way to smoke but they have many other benefits to offer as:

  • It does not have any bad smell
  • You will not have smelly breadth after smoking
  • Less expensive then your regular cigarettes
  • Will not harm passive smokers

There are so many other benefits that you can experience with high quality electronic cigarettes available with us. When you order for these brilliant e-cigarettes you will also get a whole kit with accessories that include:

Cartridges: available in 6 different flavors

  • Classic Tobacco
  • Cool Menthol
  • Very Vanilla
  • Cherry Crush
  • Coffee Creation
  • Peppermint Party

4 different level of nicotine that include:

  • Full flavored (18mg)
  • Light (12mg)
  • Ultra Light (6mg)
  • No Nicotine (0mg)

Batteries: these are available in three different colors with either automatic or manual switch. These come in:

  • Standard
  • Long (longer lasting)
  • Mini (size of actual cigarette)

Accessories: that include

  • Personal Charging Case
  • Universal Carry Case
  • Lanyard
  • USB Charger
  • Wall Charger
  • Car Charger

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