EverSmoke - Ever Smoke Reviews
EverSmoke – Ever Smoke Reviews

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Innovative electronic cigarette has come up in the market and is the right choice for people who love to smoke. The scientifically designed and created product has advanced technical parts and it has given a new dimension and hype in the world of E Cigarettes.

Some of the interesting features of EverSmoke are given below:

Signature Glowing Orange Crystal Tip

With each puff of EverSmoke Electronic Cigarette the Orange LED will light up and it will also give signal whenever the e-cigarettes require recharging.

Rechargeable Battery

The EverSmoke electronic cigarettes are installed with lithium-polymer batteries
that are known for the long lasting capability in the entire market.  The proprietary battery is accurately designed by experts to ensure maximum vapor and the best level performance. Our products are available in wide range of sizes and colors.

Built in Atomizer

The atomizer of EverSmoke is built into the cartridge to maximize vapor production and user can also get a fresh atomizer with every single electronic cigarette cartridge. No other e-cigarette brand’s offer such highly advanced and user-friendly products other than EverSmoke.

Flavor Cartridge


The cartridges of EverSmoke Electronic Cigarette are designed and built by using the exclusive VaporMax® technology. Using the advanced technique helps to produce maximum vapor. VaporMax® technology is exclusively used only by EverSmoke.

Silicone Tip

The electronic cigarettes have exclusive silicone tip within the mouth piece, which is install and designed to prevent leakage of the EverSmoke Electronic Cigarettes. Smokers can experience the real feel of smoking the original, tobacco-based and traditional cigarette.

Ever Smoke ReviewEver Smoke Review



  • Cartridges come in 6 types of flavors with 4 different nicotine levels from Ever Smoke.
  • Amazing Flavors of Cartridges are: Classic Tobacco, Cool Menthol, Very Vanilla, Cherry Crush, Coffee Creation and Peppermint Party.
  • Different Nicotine levels: Full flavored (18mg), Light (12mg), Ultra Light (6mg) and No Nictonie (0mg)
  • Each cartridge equals about 1 pack of cigarettes.
  • An atomizer and silicon tip is provided with each VaporMax cartridge to ensure the best performance.
  • You can save more money if you buy more than 1 pack.


  • Batteries are available in 3 different colors. They either have automatic or manual switch, which can help users to have proper control on vapor.
  • EverSmoke electronic cigarettes batteries come with different sizes to fit the user’s need. The sizes are standard, long and mini.



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